Real Benefits

Technology changes the world at high speed, we work for the present and the future, since younger generations look at the market in a more free and disruptive way, without lobbies.

Instead of results based on speculation and promises of unsustainable revenues, MTCore has created a system based on real benefits for its users.

Innovation, Exchange Value Stability and Growth


- New and independent Blockchain

- Energy-saving and financially sustainable mining system

- Fully controlled mining system, without surprises

- Fun and competitive platform, which, in addition to currency, generates other prizes

Exchange Value Stability and Growth

- Hybrid currency, a stable coin with a sustained valuation in the real economy

- Real value alignment, physically deposited and 100% net



Democratic Decentralisation, Security, Trust

Democratic Decentralisation

- Non-alliance democratic system

- The decentralization is applied where it makes sense


- Personal and safe wallet – maximum anti-theft features

- The confidential system replaces anonymous transactions


- Total transparency

- Periodic audits

- Public access format

- Users have full Authority and Control

Mobility and facility, Cost

Mobility and facility

- The currency is prepared to be used as a payment method

- Secure architecture, we don't need to keep the coins offline to protect you from attacks.


- Currency without transaction fees